The Cambridge Certificates

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Official English certificates are issued either by the British or the American
(United States) educational system and recognised internationally. These tests
can be taken on fixed dates in some of our English language partner schools
around the world.

The Cambridge exams are known all over the world. They have an excellent
reputation and are recognised by universities, employers and national
education authorities as tangible evidence of a qualification in linguistic

Many universities recognise, among others, the Certificate of Advanced English,
the Certificate of Proficiency in English and the IELTS as essential linguistic
certificates, giving access to higher studies in the English language.
English Exams

The Cambridge Certificates
FCE (Cambridge First Certificate in English)

Corresponding to the Swiss pre-university level, the FCE is without doubt the
best known of the Cambridge exams, in that it is recognised in the majority of
countries, where it can open doors both in academic and professional fields.
>>> Details

CAE (Certificate of Advanced English)
The level above the FCE, it is required more and more for undertaking
university studies in Great Britain. Proof of language level in numerous
countries, the CAE is a solid professional asset.

CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English)
It requires very good linguistic and cultural knowledge. It constitutes a direct
reference for the majority of British universities and, due to its renown, for a
large number of businesses and institutions. >>> Details

BEC (Business English Certificate)
This series of three exams (three levels) – BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC
Higher – was put in place to test English Language Skills in the context of the
business world. These exams are aimed at adults who work in the business
sector or are preparing to do so. >>> Details

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
It is required for undertaking university studies in certain English-speaking
countries, notably Australia and Great Britain. This exam is designed to
evaluate general skills in oral and written comprehension, as well as other
practical areas such as summaries and written reports. The grading system is
based around points (9 points being the maximum and 5-7 points being the
average). >>> Details

BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
BULATS has been developed by the universities of Cambridge to test the
language skills of professionals and students attending a business English

course. It is flexible (flexible exam dates, several levels) and economical. A
growing number of companies in all fields of activity rely on BULATS results to
assess the language ability of their employees.>>>Details

ICFE (Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English)
ICFE assesses the level of English of finance professionals and is internationally
recognised by many institutions in the financial and accounting industry. It is
set at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework for Languages
(CEFR) and is a great asset for finance professionals wishing to work in an
international context. >>>Details

PET (Preliminary English Test)
Elementary level, corresponding to the level acquired on finishing business
The American Exams

The two main exams that have been developed in the United States are
nowadays recognised by many large international companies.