Our Values

We have three values that are central to the way we run our schools –

Stay Motivated

Learning is a collective effort. Work hard and we will help you until the last moment to achieve your ambitions.

Get Connected

Learn English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian with us and we’ll take you on an exciting and fun journey, and make you feel part of our school family.

Be Supportive

We’re here for you, to help you achieve a brighter future. Not just while you’re in the classroom but for your life beyond as well.

Why Us

Our clients choose us because we offer unique services in language teaching and skills development, where experienced English and French language teachers will tutor you. and you make friends with like-minded people from all over the city who are committed – like you – to learning English or French the right way.
We’ll work with you to understand your ambitions and aspirations – the real reasons why you’re dedicated to learning.

Our Team

Both our teaching staff and our student support team have years of experience in teaching languages.

Syefeddine Semmouk
Syefeddine SemmoukEnglish Teacherk@gmail.com
Bilal Mechekef
Bilal MechekefDirecting Managinggsldz18@gmail.com

We offer


A free daily activity

We offer a free daily activity for all of our full-time pupils and students so that they can make the most of their time here in Global School. Our language workshops are informal sessions where students of all levels can enjoy a range of challenges. Functional, friendly and informative, these workshops are open to all students who want to explore English in more depth.

Film Club

We all enjoy a good film every week and here is a great opportunity to share a film with friends and learn as you relax. A teacher will introduce every film, which is shown with English or French subtitles, and follow up with a discussion so that you can give an opinion.
You will learn to use critical language, share opinions and extend your vocabulary as you enjoy the best of popular British and American films or French films.

Role-play and Drama

Role-play is what you do when you're pretending to be another person and using your imagination to speak, think and even feel like that character.
Why use role-play? What does it add to a drama?

If you don't pretend to be someone else while acting in a drama, then the audience will see only 'you' and not the character you are meant to be portraying. They will only see 'you' in the situations that are described. If you make the role-play realistic and believable, then the audience will be more likely to 'suspend their disbelief'
(forget that they're watching a drama, and feel personally involved).

Our Slogan

Help - Awareness - formation

Our Mission

To provide the highest-quality language education combining the best learning materials with the most qualified teachers, while facilitating national and international relationships.

Our Vision

Surpassing expectations to enable students to realise their dreams.

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