What is your level of English?

Global School of languages offer free Placement Tests. These consist of an assessment of grammar/vocabulary. We will use the results from all of these assessments to determine your level of English and to put you into the correct class.

CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Level of English. Your level will be determined using The Council of Europe global
scale of English language levels. Our levels are described as follows:
A1 – Starter: You can understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases in
a simple way.
A2 – Elementary to Pre – Intermediate: You can understand sentences and
frequently used expressions on areas of immediate relevance.
B1 – Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate: You can understand the main points of clear
input on familiar matters that you regularly encounter.
B2 – Intermediate to Upper Intermediate: You can understand the main ideas of
complex text, including technical discussions in your field of specialisation.

C1 – Advanced: You can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without searching
for expressions.
C2 – Proficiency: This is the highest level of English fluency, comparable with native
speakers of English.

The English courses


General English

Our general English courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Some people who do these courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest.

About one-to-one courses

All of our one-to-one courses are planned and constructed with care and attention to the needs of our learners, but if you need a special course we can tailor one to meet your needs.
This will enable you to precisely meet all your learning objectives in a more efficient way than studying in a group in the classroom.

You can receive individual tuition as well as your General English course on an hour fees basis. The number of hours of the course will depend on how many hours you feel that you need, and this will be agreed between you and your personal tutor. Any student at the school is able to apply for one-to-one course, so if you feel like you need a little bit of extra help writing reports, understanding banking or business documents or even just extra help with study skills.

Classes take place at the student’s convenience, either at the school, or workplace. Student and teacher negotiate an individual learning plan with a flexible approach that ensures everyone meets their own needs and requirements. This is the optimum form of learning for
many individuals!
  •  Personalise your learning
  •  Select times to suit your schedule
  •  Enhance communication skills
  •  Make progress quickly

IELTS Preparation Course (Academic - General)

Our IELTS exam preparation courses examine the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening parts of the exam to make sure you are very familiar with the test format. You will learn vocabulary and language structures that you will need in the exam. Learn how to avoid common errors and use the strategies to help you get the best mark.
  •  part-time evening courses
  •  full-time courses (4 weeks)
  •  class sizes from 6 min – 12 max students
  • suitable for students with a good intermediate level
  • you can start at any time

The general training is mostly for people who want to either move to another country and need an English qualification to do that, or who want to study at a level below university. If you have a definite plan to use an IELTS qualification, be sure to check which one you need, academic or general training.
Whichever module you take, you will be tested on all four language skills-- listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Everyone takes the same listening and speaking tests, but there are different reading and writing tests for the academic and general training modules. You do the listening, reading, and writing tests all on the same day, but the speaking test is on a different day.

You have to write at least 150 words for part one and at least 250 words for part two. The type of task depends on the paper. The academic paper gives you the sort of task you might have to do in university studies. The reading part of the test in which there are different modules, but whether you're doing academic or general training, you'll have to answer 40 questions in one hour. These might be multiple-choice questions or matching parts of sentences or completing notes, things like that. There are three sections and different types of text.

Summer Courses

We offer summer courses to students looking to continue their education during the summer months; a time when most students are on holiday. Students have the opportunity to earn credit for the following school year.

Intensive summer courses for adults

Make the most of the summer to give your English a boost in one of our summer courses. In summer we expand our course offer so that you can choose the best option according to your personal needs and how intensively you'd like to study.

Intensive summer courses for children

For children aged 5 to 17 we have intensive English courses which allow them to make significant progress in a short period of time.

Course Objectives
Summer Intensive English courses will:
  • increase your confidence when communicating in English
  • help you to use English more effectively
  • help you to speak more accurately and fluently
  • improve your grammar
  • increase your vocabulary
  • improve your pronunciation

School trips for children, teenagers, and adults

Benefit from our school trips and explore Jijel as well as other cities in Algeria!

We do not only limit our programmes to language courses. You can also sign up and do many activities and outgoings which provide a great opportunity to practise your language in real life. Your language teacher will accompany you throughout these discoveries.
Practice is all what you need. You will quickly be more spontaneous and your will be more natural when you speak.
More than just a school trip

Bringing out the best in young people is what we do best, and you will get the very best support for a great school excursion. With us, everything is included – the activities, equipment, and food. Our school staff will be on hand to support you and your group and they’ll run lively entertainment sessions to make sure you will have lots of fun.
At our school, children, teenagers, and adults will enjoy a range of adventures that offer memorable experiences with real learning outcomes.