BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)

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Who is BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) for?

BULATS is designed for people who need English for their work or wish to
pursue a career abroad. Many companies and organisations use BULATS as a
reference to measure the language skills of their staff or potential candidates.
Very flexible, BULATS is a fast and easy way to assess your English language
skills for the workplace. It may also be used to confirm the level achieved after
completion of a language course.

Level required
Although BULATS doesn’t require any prerequisite level, it is strongly
recommended to have a B1 level to take it. The results are linked to the
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and give you
an accurate assessment of your language ability in each of the tested language

A preparation course may be useful or even essential if you aim at obtaining a
good score for the BULATS.

Preparation for the BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
Numerous course options – varying in intensity and duration – are available to
you to prepare for the TOEFL according to your objectives - that is, the score
you need to obtain.

What does BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) involve?
BULATS assesses the candidate’s ability to understand, analyse, and react to
realistic business situations. It consists of three papers (reading and listening,
writing and speaking), which you can choose to mix or take separately
according to your professional goals:

1- Reading and Listening (1h)
This paper starts by testing the candidates’ reading proficiency before testing
their listening skills. Consisting of multiple choice questions, this paper is

designed to assess the candidates’ ability to understand texts and
conversations or monologues with a workplace focus.

This paper has the advantage of being adaptive, which means that it changes in
level to meet the level of the candidate. Thus, if you answer correctly, the
system will increase the difficulty of the following questions, but if you get
questions wrong, it will give you easier questions.

2- Writing (45 minutes)
The writing paper is a stand-alone test which may be taken separately or in
addition to any other BULATS paper. It assesses your ability to write a short
message, a letter or a report for a given purpose and target reader while
following precise instructions.

You will be assessed on how accurate your use of the English language is, how
well you organise your ideas and how effective your piece of writing is.

3- Speaking (12 minutes)
The speaking paper is a stand-alone paper which may be taken on its own or in
addition to any other BULATS paper. It assesses your ability to express yourself
clearly and fluently in English in a work context.
The examiner will first ask you questions about your background and interests
and then give you a topic that you will have to present in a few minutes. Finally,
you will interact with the examiner as part of a role-play exercise, which will
lead to a discussion on a related topic.

The test results are available quickly, and even immediately if you take the
online reading and listening paper.

Official recognition

BULATS is recognised around the world by many employers, educational
organisations, government agencies, immigration authorities and professional